When I was a dancer, I used to have a particular dance move in mind for those moments (not exactly rare) during which I suddenly went blank.  I called it my Please Standby move.  (For any bellydancers out there, it was a 3/4 shimmy over a full body undulation).  These were almost always moments during a solo ( usually improvisational) in which I just turned into a complete non-entity.  I forgot all things, especially dance things, and I stood there, in the lights, looking like an idiot.

I’ve decided that I need a Please Standby move for writing novels.  Except I would have to perform this move mentally, right?  I don’t know how that would work.

Usually, yoga is my Please Standby move.  Yoga is actually a series of moves, of course, so I guess writing takes 30 or more moves to qualify as a Please Standby move.

Writing is a pain in the ass, sometimes.