I watched Room (the movie) recently and it made me cry like a hungry and angry baby.  I had almost succeeded in Not Watching it.  I did not want to watch it initially because just watching the trailer made me cry and I don’t watch movies in which the damned trailers make me cry!  (Except for Tree of Life, of course, and also Schindler’s List.  So I guess I do watch some movies with weepy-making trailers.  Clearly you should pay no attention to the things I type).

Anyway, I watched it one Friday when I felt brave.  Excellent movie.  It was hard to watch in places but wondrous and elevating in many others.  I had read that the two leads in the film were wonderful but I was skeptical for some reason.  Boy, was I wrong.  Brie Larson and Jakob Tremblay were lovely and beautiful and heartbreaking.  I must warn you, however, that if you are a mother of a young child  – it will almost certainly break you wide open.

There.  You’ve been warned.

In other urgent news,  I watched half of Daredevil Season 2.  And it was quite good.  I really enjoyed the first season and the second is quite good as well.  But the parts with the Punisher (played by Shane from the Walking Dead) made me cry.

I’m getting tired of entertainment that is wonderful and makes me cry!  I mean what is with these people writing this stuff?