I spent a good deal of Saturday watching documentaries.  First, I watched one called Soaked in Bleach.  It concerned the notion that Courtney Love had Kurt Cobain killed by persons unknown.  It presents evidence that Courtney was (at the very least) an unpleasant and manipulative person very concerned with Kurt’s money and money in general.  It was a pretty trashy documentary.  There were reenactments so silly and speculative that they were worthy of an Investigation Discovery show.

I also watched Amy (the documentary about Amy Winehouse) and it was excellent.  I wasn’t expecting to be so moved by it.  It should be required viewing for anyone with dreams of being a recording artist.  They way the images and videos were synced with the music, lyrics and Amy’s voice was devastating.

Finally, I watched a documentary about Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley and their famous on-air bitch fight in the late 60’s.  I found the whole thing to be hilarious at first and then somewhat sad.  These two men, both brilliant and eloquent, just hated the shit out of each other for years and years.  They wasted all that time and all that energy on hating each other. They both died somewhat disappointed that they had both been mostly forgotten.  The documentary was entertaining and funny, in a kinda mean way, but it was mostly (for me) a lesson in what being too invested in one’s ego can do to your psyche.  Over time, it will wear you down to a nub.  There is no joy in continuously flinching because you are being lashed by your own ego.