One of my favorite books (I have many) is Anne Tyler’s The Accidental Tourist.  I haven’t read it in over twenty years but I seem to remember a conversation between two of the main characters, Macon Leary and his soon to be estranged wife Sarah.  Sarah complains that Macon doesn’t know how to communicate.  The word communicate is Macon’s least favorite word.  (I know a few people like Macon).  She tells him that he reminds her of the old Marx Brothers’ gag in which Harpo sends Groucho a telegram that reads “No Message.”

(And if you have not investigated the legendariness that is the Marx Brothers – well, you should remedy that right now.  Start with Duck Soup).

I’m not sure why I’m posting about that memory of a book.  I think it’s because when I opened my blog with the intention to write something I realized that I had no real message.  My message is that I have no message.

I did manage to mention Anne Tyler however.  She’s a wonderful writer whose books really get under your skin.  They may seem simple and homey and plain but they are wonderfully warm and human and sad, at times, but not too sad.

The Marx Brothers, however, are not warm.  I’m not even sure how human they are.  (I kid).  Duck Soup is absolutely one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen however.  It’s so . . . silly and weird and smart and fun.  I recommend reading Roger Ebert’s Great Movies review of Duck Soup.